Why Self-Contained Suites are the Perfect Setting for Your Romantic Getaway

Planning a romantic getaway isn't like any other vacation. This is a special time just for you and the love of your life to share an incredible vacation experience. Whatever your idea of an incredible shared vacation may be.  Part of planning the perfect romantic getaway is the delicate balance between blissful alone time and a chance to explore new and exciting venues hand-in-hand.

This is why self-contained accommodations are such a wonderful addition to your romantic getaway plans. Rather than booking a single room in a busy hotel, you and your beloved could be canoodling in a beautiful vacation apartment all weekend long. With a self-contained suite, you can stay in for days, ordering everything delivered to your room, or you can set out on a Sydney adventure, exploring the bustling streets and secret beaches with your beloved.


Romantic Self-Contained Suites in Zara Tower

When your goal is to get away from the world in the arms of your love, there's nothing more valuable than luxurious privacy. That is exactly what we offer here at Zara tower, located in the heart of the glittering CBD (Central Business District) of Sydney, Australia.

Your romantic experience starts with a beautiful vacation apartment, complete with a fully stocked kitchen, a cosy living area, and of course a luxury master suite to die for with a tub big enough for two. For couples that book directly, you will be greeted with a complimentary bottle of wine to toast your romantic getaway on the first night.

In our fully self-contained suites ranging from luxury Soho to the Penthouse, you never have to leave the room; ordering meals or even groceries to your suite and enjoying them in the fully functional kitchen and dining area. Or you can strike out into the heart of the CBD for some incredible walking-distance experiences to share with your special someone.


The Romantic Promise of the Sydney CBD

Zara Tower is within pleasant walking distance of literally hundreds of wonderful places you might want to go with your beloved during your romantic getaway. Whether you're here to tour the diverse and renowned Australian cuisine, see the sights, explore the dozens of museums, or enjoy the breathtaking beaches and parks, Sydney has it all. And you don't even have to rent a car.

Stepping outside the quiet paradise of your suite, you will find yourself in the heart of Downtown Sydney, commonly referred to as the CBD. In addition to the sparkling towers and cute local venues in your immediate vicinity are a dozen parks, wonderful cafes and restaurants, and more museums and shopping opportunities than you can shake a stick at.

Setting out, hand-in-hand with your beloved, there's no end to the romance and adventure you can find nearby.


Beauty and Romance in the Great Outdoors

If what you need is a place for romantic walks in beautiful natural surroundings, you don't have to go far. Just north of Zara Tower is the legendary Hyde Park, the oldest public parkland in Australia. Keep going north and you will find yourself in the Royal Botanical Gardens with beautiful arrangements and water gardens that will take your breath away. From flower murals to an incredible view of the harbour, the Royal Botanical Garden is a premier place for lovers to rediscover the meaning of romance.

Photo: The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney - NSW Government


Romantic Beaches Nearby

Sydney is also rife with romantic beaches to stroll, sunbathe, or find a secluded spot to enjoy the glittering water together. In fact, the vast amount of shoreline around the Harbour means that you can find all sorts of secret non-touristy spots in the heart of the CBD to enjoy a little beach side fun or just sit and watch the water, away from the crowds of kids and surfing. A few places within walking distance of the Zara are the Lady Jane Beach and the Lady Martins Beach, the Athol Beach, or the Waterside Parks. There are over a dozen different parks by the water so if one place is too crowded for you, just wander luxuriously on to the next.

You can also take advantage of the beautiful harbour by walking the Harbour  Bridge or booking a romantic starlit Harbour Cruise for one amazing dinner experience seeing the entire city lit up from the water.


Experience Luxury and Culture Touring Sydney Museums

If you're a lover of art, history, or beautiful aquatic life, then you're in luck. Within the very same walking distance are a variety of wonderful Sydney museums and venues that will fascinate your beloved and take your breath away. Nearby the Zara Tower are the Toula Museum of Australia, the Sydney Jewish Museum, The Australian Museum of Natural History & Anthropology, The Australian Museum of Magical arts (no kidding), the Sydney Living Museum, The Mint Historical Coin Factory, the Museum of Sydney, or even the Justice and Police Museum.

For a touch of class and culture, visit the beautiful Art Gallery of New South Whales or pick up tickets for an opera at the amazing seaside Sydney Opera House. And if you love beautiful fish, don't forget to stop by the Sydney City Aquarium, also only a short walk from your romantic suite. And if you fancy some incredible shopping, pop over to the World Square.


Cafes and Restaurants You'll Never Forget

Sydney is renowned for its variety and quality of cuisine. With restaurants crafting both authentic and fusion cuisine from around the world, you can find a little bit of everything. And here in the centre of the bustling CBD, there is a wonderful variety of romantic cafes or exciting getaway experiences to share with your special someone when you're ready to leave the room.

Within a few blocks of the Zara are restaurants of any type of cuisine you can imagine. For modern Australian faire, try the nel. right next door, a restaurant so hip that it doesn't need capital letters. If you're dying for some Thai, the ChaiThai and Spice I Am are both easy to reach and delicious to try. For Middle Eastern food, head over to NOMAD just down the road or Butter for more fried food than you can imagine.

If you're looking for a classic romantic experience, head over to Encasa to enjoy their authentic Spanish taverna. And if you're up late with your special someone and want somewhere amazing to eat, try Chin Chin and discover how Aussies like to spend their late nights.


The Romance of Sydney is Yours to Command

Of course, the best part about all of this is the power of choice. You and your romantic partner can take the city by storm, exploring its avenues, vistas, and venues; building unforgettable memories hand in hand. Or you can lock yourselves in your self-contained hotel suite, wrapped up in each other's arms without every having to leave the room. Or, as we all know, you can split the difference, staying in when you just can't get enough of staring into each other's eyes or going out when you're ready to take on the world (and the CBD) as an unstoppable couple on a mission to enjoy yourselves thoroughly.

No matter what your idea of the perfect romantic getaway might be, we have it here in Sydney and Zara Tower would be honoured to host you in one of our luxury self-contained suites so every choice is just you, your beloved, and the city before you.


Zara Tower


9 July, 2019


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