Staying Healthy When You’re Away From Home

When you’re travelling for work or heading on holidays, it can be easy to let all of your regular routines go out the window - but it doesn’t have to be that way. We look at simple ways to stay healthy when you’re away from home.

Pack Food to Go

If you’re travelling on a plane or heading on a road trip, the best thing you can do to stay healthy is to prepare some nutritious food to take with you on the journey. It makes it a cinch to save on expensive airport meals and snatch-and-grab fast food when you’ve thoughtfully packed yourself a meal and snacks to keep you satiated on your trip.  Think protein, nuts and seeds as well as fresh, vibrant fruit and veggies - and don’t forget plenty of water, or at least a bottle that you can easily fill once you’re past the security checkpoint at the airport. Reuse the containers and lunch pack that you’ve brought with you to tote your lunch when you’re out and about on your trip. 

Cook Up a Storm

There’s nothing worse than being away from home and being limited to a kettle and a toaster - with a minibar staring you in the face - to kick your health goals to the curb. To avoid this disaster waiting to happen, ensure you choose accommodation with a kitchen to help you keep your health goals on track. All Zara Tower suites include fully functional kitchens so that you can cook exactly like you would at home. If you’re super organised you could pre-plan your meals before you leave home. If you send through a request the friendly staff at Zara Tower, they will even fill your fridge with your shopping list of items ahead of your arrival. What could be better than having everything ready to go from the moment you get in.

Zara Tower include fully functioning kitchensIf you prefer to shop for yourself or need to replenish your fridge during your stay, there are 2 convenience stores within a 1-minute walk of your front door. Stock up on healthy snacks to pop into your backpack or briefcase for when you’re on the go. 

Dine Out

Staying healthy while you’re away from home doesn’t mean that you have to completely forgo eating out. In fact, there are plenty of healthy food choices on the doorstep of Zara Tower like Yulli’s Asian fusion vegetarian restaurant and Ouroboros Wholefoods Cafe. As you venture across Sydney you’ll find plenty of health-conscious eateries to keep you fuelled. And even if you don’t get to pick the venue, it’s reasonably easy to navigate most restaurant menus to find yourself something delicious and nutritious to enjoy. 

Take a Walk

Once you’ve settled in and unpacked your bags, head outside for a walk and get to know the local area. There’s nothing better than an adventure to discover the local sights when you’re staying somewhere new. When you’re heading out sightseeing or you’re off to a work meeting, consider heading off early and walking there - or walk part of the way before catching public transport the rest of the way. Even better, build some adventure into your agenda and plan to take a hike in the hinterland or set off on a beach walk along some of Sydney’s best beaches

Hit the Gym

If you’re looking for an extra challenge, or are limited on time, why not hit the gym. Zara Tower has a dedicated gym that is the perfect place to get in a holiday workout. It features cardio equipment and weights for a full body workout.

Choose Zara Tower for your next Sydney trip and it will be a breeze to stay healthy. At Zara Tower we provide luxury apartments in Surry Hills suitable for large groups or a romantic getaway.


Zara Tower


15 January, 2019


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