How to Savour Your Winter Holiday in Sydney with Your Closest Friends.

Nothing beats a group trip to Sydney with your best friends, where the people are friendly, the sights are breathtaking, and the opportunities are boundless.

 A Sydney winter is truly a sight to behold, one most westerners never see or even imagine. But even more incredible than the sight of frost covering an Australian city are the opportunities you'll find on your group holiday with friends. In the winter, every venue is eager for customers and events to host to raise their off-season revenue which means all of Sydney can unroll before you like a red carpet. But only if you know how to book it. Today, we're here to share a few tips on how to plan and savour the perfect winter holiday group trip with your closest friends.

Fly Together as a Pack

If you and all your friends are flying out of the same airport, be sure to book tickets on the same flights. Ideally, on seats close to each other so you can talk and hang out during the long (or short) flight into Sydney. There are several benefits to flying as a pack, including the ability to handle the airport relay together. The entire challenge of arriving, parking, getting through security, finding your gate, and being at the terminal in time to depart is so much easier with a pack of friends to do it with. Especially if you're taking a super-affordable layover route.

The best way to make sure everyone is taking the exact same flights is to all book together at the same time. You can book the tickets one by one (or simultaneously on your phones) or you can pool your travel money and have one person buy a group of tickets. If airlines are offering group deals, pooling is the best and the only way to take advantage of them.

Then, when you're booked, take the time to reserve specific seats near each other and pre-order your in-flight meals.


Find Group Suite Accommodations

Sure, you could all book separate rooms in the same hotel and spend your time running up and down the halls. But why book separately when there are multi-room options in the city? Separate hotel rooms usually cause you to experience your holiday more like individuals coordinating than a group of close friends. Chances are, the experience you're really looking for is more like a shared house, only with all the luxuries of an all-inclusive hotel.

To find this, your keywords are 'self-contained' or '2-3 bedroom hotel room'. Believe it or not, Sydney is home to some spectacular apartment-style hotel rooms that are furnished and serviced like hotel rooms but are built in the style of a luxury multi-bedroom apartment. With a self-contained hotel room, you and your friends can each have your own rooms while also sharing your own gourmet kitchen and open living space to truly enjoy your vacation together as a group.

Booking a multi-bedroom hotel suite is also easier than you might think, especially in the winter when there is little competition and venues feature their off-season prices. Here at Zara Tower, for example, we have one, two, and three bedroom luxury apartments just waiting to become a home away from home for your group of friends.


Tour Sydney On Foot

Pack your best walking shoes because the best way to enjoy Sydney as a tourist is on foot. Most of Sydney's hottest attractions are fairly close together in this coastal city and you can easily walk from one point of interest to another. Skipping the rental car and ditching the Uber app are fantastically adventurous ways to take in the sights, and there's nothing more enjoyable than walking the glittering winter streets laughing and sight-seeing with your closest friends.

Stop and try some steaming hot street foot or pop into one of the many warm and inviting little restaurants you'll find on the Sydney streets. Within a reasonable walking distance from one another are the Opera House, the Royal Botanical Gardens, The Finger Wharf, the Harbor Bridge, the Contemporary Art Museum, and so many more breathtaking sights for daytime treks through the city.

For first-time visitors to Sydney, the city is also deceptively hilly, so be prepared for some short but intense walks through the city. We suggest challenging your friends to practice walking backward or pick a downhill destination if your uphill muscles get tired. You can also call an Uber whenever you want to get to a more distant destination quickly or take the 'shortcut' back to your luxurious apartment-style hotel.

And whatever you choose to do, always look for opportunities to buy a group ticket, book as a group, or book special events ahead of time to get group discounts!


Share Group Meals

Then there's the question of what you will eat. Sydney has an incredible array of restaurants with food from all over the world. No matter what you're craving, or what crazy new dish you want to try, you can definitely find it in Sydney. You can enjoy the hot spontaneous street food meals, take your group to a fancy skyscraper dinner, or even cook meals in your own hotel room.

 Because you booked a luxury apartment hotel room, you also have access to your own kitchen which creates some serious options for shared meals. First, you never have to worry about wasting leftovers again. With a full-sized kitchen, leftovers can be easily saved, reheated, and enjoyed later in their original form or recooked into something new.

You can also challenge each other to buy local Australian groceries and cook shared meals for the group. This can be a fantastically fun way to both enjoy each other and save money on restaurant costs while on your Sydney winter holiday with friends.

Sydney Nightlife in Winder

Get Lost in the Nightlife

If you and your friends are adventurous night owls, then Sydney is an amazing place to enjoy a wide variety of nightlife. There are night clubs and all-night alternatives all over the city, so there's not just one region of nightlife you might want to focus on. There are hot DJ dance clubs, sophisticated rooftop cocktail parties, and cool underground clubs with a more laid back vibe. You know what your friend group will enjoy more than we possibly could, but trust us when we say there is everything you could possibly want from a glittering nightlife in the Sydney metro area.

From the red-light district to the CBD ("Central Business District", not cannabis oil), from the The Rocks to King's Cross, there's a little something for everyone.

 You can find a classically hot dance club at the Marquee, or your rooftop cocktails at the Ivy. But the best-kept secrets of Sydney our hip off-beat nightlife options. For a cool underground club to thrash out to the best techno and hip-hop beats while Frankie's Pizza is a chill all-night place to grab a slice and move to the music with your friends.


Traveling with your closest friends is a fantastic way to enjoy a winter holiday in Sydney. Contact us today to get more insight in how to book a fun and luxurious group holiday for you and your friends! Here at Zara Tower, we are always eager to meet the needs of our guests, including a free bottle of wine, no credit card fees, and 10% off booking when you book through the hotel!


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21 May, 2019


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