Guide to Group Accommodation in Sydney

When you’re planning a holiday or a trip away for a special event with a bunch of friends or family there are some key things you should look for to get the most out of your group accommodation in Sydney.

Comfort & Space

There’s nothing worse than heading away to relax and being the one who gets stuck sleeping on the old fold-out couch. To ensure the comfort of all guests, why not look for accommodation that is generous enough to fit all of your travel companions comfortably. Having ample room to move around and a comfortable place for everyone to sleep should be top of your list - and finding a space that is modern and stylish is the cherry on top.

Finding rooms big enough to accommodate a group in traditional hotels can be near on impossible, and can otherwise quickly become expensive if everyone needs to book their own room. Holiday Parks are often lacklustre and low on extra comforts. Zara Tower in Surry Hills, is a luxurious apartment hotel, with all of the dazzle of a modern hotel and the practicality of a self-contained apartment. With rooms that range from 90m2 that sleep 3 all the way up to 150m2 which sleep 8 - it’s the perfect place to book group accommodation.

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Location & Accessibility

Depending on the reason for your trip, the location of your group accommodation in Sydney can be one of the most important factors in your booking decision. If you’re looking to see the sights staying close to the CBD will ensure you’re no more than a hop, skip and a jump away from the best that Sydney has to offer. Zara Tower is conveniently located in Surry Hills, which is a short stroll, Uber trip or train ride away from Sydney’s most popular tourist attractions, beaches and wedding venues.

It can be hard to find places with enough space, the right facilities and even the right vibe if you’re planning an afternoon or evening in with your group. Zara Tower is the perfect place to share drinks and nibbles, get ready for a wedding or even host a photo shoot. The rooms available are spacious and all come with fully functional kitchens so you can put on an insta-worthy spread.


Cost & Availability

Booking group accommodation can be stressful - trying to find a place that has enough rooms to fit your travel group, that’s cost-effective and meets everyone’s needs can be a real challenge. By booking a room, or a few rooms, that have the capacity for larger groups you can make your stay very cost effective once the cost is split amongst your group. Plus, if you’re savvy you can snag yourself a great deal. Zara Tower offers 10% off all direct bookings for members - and it’s free to sign up on the Zara Tower website. Members also get 15% off when they make direct bookings on Tuesdays! Not to mention a free bottle of wine on arrival. The Zara Tower website also has an online booking tool which makes checking availability for the dated you need super easy - if you do happen to need an extra hand, there’s a customer service team always on standby to help out.


Zara Tower


27 March, 2019


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