5 Sydney Hiking Trails Perfect for Couples

For outdoorsy couples, a holiday in Sydney wouldn't be complete without going for a scenic walk. The area is full of trails for everyone, whether you're a pair of adventurous bushwalkers or the two of you prefer a leisurely urban stroll. From a cave that's home to glow worms to a hike rich in military history, Sydney's trails have much to offer.

Hermitage Foreshore Walk

The Hermitage Foreshore Walk is the perfect walk if you're short on time or want a more relaxing venture. This easy 1.8 km walk is full of scenic views of the city's skyline. You'll have picturesque, clear views of the Opera House. This trail also takes you right past the Strickland House. The odds are good you'll end up taking a few dozen photos on this hike! The Hermitage Foreshore is a popular walk, but couples looking for some quiet are likely to find secluded beach spots along the way.

What to bring: Your swimsuit, if you want to take a quick dip in the water. Don't forget your camera.

Getting there: The Nielsen Park car park is on the north end of the trail. You can also access the trail by foot on the south end at Bayview Hill Road.

Amenities: Nielsen Park's kiosk is open for breakfast, lunch, and take away specialty coffee.

Photo: NSW National Parks - NSW Government

Berowra Waters to Cowan Station

The Berowra Waters to Cowan Station trail is best suited for experienced bushwalkers. The 7.2 km track is rough in spots. Be prepared to navigate fallen trees and other debris. For all your hard work, you'll be rewarded with some seclusion. The two of you will be able to take in the spectacular views and rock formations.  

What to bring: Food, water, a first aid kit, and weather appropriate gear.

Getting there: There's parking on the western edge of the trail. Cowan Station is on the eastern side.

Amenities: To the west of the track head, Berowra Waters Fish Cafe is a short, free ferry ride away. You can enjoy a burger or some fish and chips before heading out on your hike. Once you enter the track, there are no accommodations. Ridge Top Campground is on the trail, but there are no bathroom facilities there. The campground is flat and is a good spot for a picnic or to sit down and take a break.

Photo: Trailhiking.com.au

Glow Worm Tunnel Walking Track

The famous Glow Worm Tunnel Walking Track is 2.5 hours northwest of Sydney, in Wollemi National Park. The bit of a drive is definitely worth it for fun-loving couples.

The track is an easy 2 km roundtrip. The abandoned railway tunnel at the end of the track was built in the early 1900s. Today, it's home to glow worms that emit blue light. As you enter the 400 m tunnel, turn on your lantern. Be sure to be quiet once in the tunnel, as the glow worms are sensitive to noise.

Not surprisingly, this is a popular hike during the summer, weekends, and holidays. Go during the week or off-season if you can. Be sure to wear sturdy, waterproof shoes as the ground inside the tunnel can be uneven and slippery. If you're lucky, you might get the chance to wave at a swamp wallaby or koala while you're on the trail.

What to bring: Water and snacks. Don't forget a lantern, so you can safely navigate the tunnel.

Getting there: There is a public car park where Glowworm Tunnel Road ends, at the trail's entry point. Gravel roads within the park can be difficult to navigate during rainy weather. Check the weather forecast before you head out, as the park advises only 4 wheel drive vehicles attempt to access the park if it's raining.

Amenities: Non-flush toilets.

Photo: NSW National Parks - NSW Government

Centennial Parklands

For couples that want to take a walk without leaving the hustle and bustle of the city, be sure to visit the floral gardens at Centennial Parklands. Column Garden, Rose Garden, Frog Hollow, and the Parkes Drive plantings all date back to the early 1900s. The Rose Garden features several varieties including Olympic God, Brass Band, Just Joey, and Queen Elizabeth, and what's more romantic than roses?

Centennial Parklands is a popular destination, so expect crowds.

What to bring: A blanket to sit on, and a picnic lunch if you'd like.

Getting there: There's an abundance of public parking, including a car park at the northwest corner of Busby's Pond.

Amenities: You'll never be more than a few minutes walk from food or restrooms. Stop for breakfast or midafternoon gelato at The Greenhouse. There's a public restroom near the Busby Pond car park.

Photo: Centennial Parklands

North Head Circuit Track

The North Head Circuit Track starts at Manly Wharf and loops around Sydney Harbour National Park. Blogger Kim Lamb at Eat Play Love Travel describes this 9.5 km walk as, "incredibly peaceful with only a few birds and lizards disturbing your mindfulness."

The military relics at Bradleys Head make this walk a must-see for history buffs. A convict-built battery dates back to the mid-1800s. A circular parapet and defence ditches still stand. This walk will also take you around the Third Quarantine Cemetery. The cemetery is the final resting place for over 200 people who died during smallpox, influenza, scarlet fever, and bubonic plague epidemics.

What to bring: A snack and water. The further south you get on the trail, the fewer amenities there are.

Getting there: The Whistler Car Park is just north of the trail. Belgrave Street and West Esplanade are serviced by public transportation.

Amenities: There are numerous restaurants immediately north of the track. The North Head Sanctuary Visitor's Centre is open daily from 10 am to 4 pm. Bella Vista Cafe is next to the Centre and serves breakfast and lunch.


Shelly Beach, Manly Image; Andrew Gregory and Destination NSW

Photo: Sydney.com

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